Moving my personal journal here

It should’ve happened much sooner, but I guess now is better than never. Call it a big move-up from my early online days when the old WebTV was my only means of access the Internet. Well, WebTV (long re-branded MSNTV) is a dying entity. The last MSNTV2 model manufactured two years ago then sold just last summer. It was fun while it lasted, but WebTV is a sorry dinosaur, left in the debris of Internet technological progress.

Anyway, the blog “move” is more of a continuation. I’m still getting this one configured the way I’d like, so please be patient. I’m preparing the final entry on the Blogstream blog. While I liked my current blog host it lacked too many amenities such as customizable themes, tagging, easy categorization, posting via email.

My final post there will be mirrored here with ample links to and from. My old stuff stays while all future entries will come here. Nice to know I can email a post on the fly from work, the library, from wherever I am. Can’t do that at the old place.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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