How many at 250Free?

During all this drama with 250Free and Brain Salisbury, I got curious. Just how many members does 250Free have? I ran the base URL through the Wayback Machine. As of August 2008, 250Free claimed 334,765 satisfied customers. That’s quite a large client base for a mom & pop web hosting company. How many of that number are paying customers, the ones who pay anywhere from $4 to $11 per month, not including domain name registration fees. How many are free members? How many of those on the free plan were thinking of upgrading to premium? Boy are they glad they didn’t!
Hmm…334,765 customres as of summer 2008. I’ll bet all those generously offering to take the business off Salisbury’s hands are reconsidering. Stay tuned as this sorry Internet soap opera continues.

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One Response to How many at 250Free?

  1. Beth says:

    I’ve been a loyal PAYING customer for years and I want my stuff!

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