The Continuing Saga of 250Free

Well friends, I’m sad to report that “preliminary” deal posted on 250Free’s home page fell through. Why Brian Salisbury has yet to update that fact escapes me. Read all about it on the webhostingtalk’s forum.

Even harder to imagine that Mr Salisbury is still taking automated payments from his 250Free Platinum and 250Host customers, each paying from $3.95 to $10.05 per month. He hasn’t disclosed how many of that 300,000+ client are paying customers. Even if only 1% of that total pay the monthly or quarterly fee, that’s still garners enough to pay his LiquidWeb bill. So what did he do with the money collected ever since 250Free’s servers were shut off?

Any paying 250Free members reading this should really contact the BBB, the Nevada state attorney general (and that of their state), maybe get the press involved.

All I know is when and if 250Free is back online, everyone will grab their data and run to the nearest, more reliable web host, and Brian Salisbury can count on no more business deals with the cyberworld set.

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2 Responses to The Continuing Saga of 250Free

  1. Pam says:

    And it goes on and on and on…

    Keeping up with the latest “Will 250Free ever come back online?” This is so sad, to read good people wanting to do right by now-screwed 250Free customers but Brian Salisbury keeps stalling. What is the problem, huh?

    Gee, B.S., someone offered more than a month ago to pay the $1900 you owe to LiquidWeb. That was part of the “preliminary deal” but it fell through as last week. Apparently, the prospective new owner would’ve paid LiquidWeb the outstanding bill then set up another LW account (for 250Free Redux). B.S. didn’t like the sound of that and stalled.

    If anyone here has an account at the Web Hosting Forum, please post and practically order Brian Salisbury to take the offer and run. No more stalling. Please pass the link along to your mailing lists (Yahoo Groups, Google Groups), newsgroups, email pals, etc. All 250Free customers, paying and free, should let Brian know we’re not pleased with our files and sites held hostage for almost two months.

    And could someone please tell me what happened to all that money taken out of customers’ bank accounts since 250Free went under. The charges show up on the Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex bill. The bank deducted it from checking accounts. The money went somewhere. Did the judge freeze 250Free’s bank account?

    • Pam says:

      Got this latest from a WebTV newsgroup. Apparently Brian Salisbury’s ‘deal” has fallen through, and he’s put up 250Free for sale on eBay. You can read it on where 250Free’s homepage used to be. He’s also provided links to the ongoing thread at Web Hosting Talk. He could also post the business on Craig’s List.
      Then again, he should have taken the offers that first day he finally admitted, after almost three weeks of no 250Free, what went wrong.

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