I’ve kept a blog since 2003, first at Blog-City then Blogstream, now here at WordPress. Hopefully this will be the last blog host as I’ve grown weary of registering for new places, reconfiguring everything, familiarizing myself with this and that. You know what I mean.

I’m a “backside of 50” substitute teacher and currently in a state of career flux. While this is hardly a good time age-wise and time-wise to think about changing career paths, the whole schools and teaching thing has worn thin for me. At first I was so enthusiastic about becoming a teacher although I hold no degree in education. My bachelor’s is in sociology and English; the teaching certificate came later. I suppose my latent scholarly tendencies (That is a story in itself which will be delved into later) soured me on teaching in schools, especially in the current state of public education. Maybe in a charter, faith-based, or private school I’d be more at home. At least in those hallowed halls of learning the negativity has yet to descend as it has in public schools where its made itself at home since I graduated high school in 1971.

Anyway, I live in Indianapolis (Yeah, yeah, go ahead with the Naptown jokes), work in the local public schools, and generally keep out of trouble with a variety of diversions. Mostly you’ll see me hanging out Downtown, at a Symphony concert, Circle Centre, any of the museums, the library, a gallery. Just good clean fun.

I spend the rest of my time honing my web page design and writing skills. A lifelong fantasy, sci-fi, and Disney fan, I’ve built quite the nice little site of wacky fan fiction. A habit since October 1997. Then there’s the original fiction site dating back to 2003, the same year I started my blog. Same fantasy sci-fi erotica mystery offerings. I haven’t written in a while. In fact, I believe the dry spell is a residual effect from losing Dad. In a way, and he wasn’t much of a reader, he was my muse, and the writing just died with him. Some day I’ll get cracking again because I just love to tell stories.

Thanks for reading my blog, visiting my sites, reading my stories. Nice to know some folks actually notice my stuff now and then even when I really don’t like calling too much attention to myself.


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