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38th Street Eyesore

Of the many times I walk this route I keep asking myself, “How long before someone falls through? When will the flimsy plywood covering finally give way, causing serious injury to a hapless pedestrian?” The building on southwest quadrant of … Continue reading

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Enough with Weather Histrionics!

The following was on my old blog a couple years ago. It’s been updated but the essence is the same: Hey, TV weather people! Quit getting all melodramatic over two flakes of snow! I live in Indiana, and we get … Continue reading

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Kudos to Indy Star’s “Our Children…” Series

After a visit to a few local blogs, I’m not the only one who voiced disappointment at the Indianapolis Star’s decision to make their special report on IPS School #61’s 2010-2011 Kindergarten classes.. After I read the entire article, I … Continue reading

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