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The Death of 250Free.com

If you have a personal site with 250Free or a business site with 250Host, you’re obviously aware of the hosts’ offlline status since Christmas 2010. At first most 250free members thought it was a minor server glitch; it couldn’t have … Continue reading

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GoogleTV: What WebTV should have been

What fools the idiots in charge of Microsoft are! When MSN bought WebTV back in the late 90’s, I sensed, “Oh joy, MSN bought WebTV only to squelch it.” I was right, and it seems the House that Bill Built … Continue reading

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Moving my personal journal here

It should’ve happened much sooner, but I guess now is better than never. Call it a big move-up from my early online days when the old WebTV was my only means of access the Internet. Well, WebTV (long re-branded MSNTV) … Continue reading

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